November 30, 2015

Before you head out on those wee weekends away this summer, make sure your car is going to make the journey! If you can’t bring it in for a service (which you should every six months anyway) then there are a few things that you can do before you leave to make sure your car will at least get your there and back! These automotive tips are just a few things that every car owner should at least be aware of.

Your Oil

We don’t recommend performing an own oil change at home, even if you’re a bit of a hand with a car engine. Bring your car in for us to do an oil change, but you can make sure your oil is topped up before you go off on any holidays this summer. If you don’t have enough oil in your car, it can cause catastrophic engine failure, and then you’re in serious trouble. You can check the amount of oil in your car by taking out the dipstick and checking the levels.

Your Battery

Summer can be tough on car batteries. The heat can speed up the chemical reaction in a car battery, draining it faster. If it gets really hot, then the heat can actually evaporate the battery fluid, just like water. Keep your battery clean- this is the best way to avoid any problems. Secure it tightly, make sure it’s not bumping around in its casing.

Your Tyres

As your only point of contact with the road, your car’s tyres are a very important part of the safety features of your car. As the weather gets hotter in the summer, the temperature increase makes the actual tyre pressure change too- 2 PSI for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the pressure on your tyres and make sure they’re not over or under inflated. Also make sure to check the tread depth on your tyres- anything lower than 3mm isn’t safe, and less than 1.5mm is illegal.

This simple automotive advice can help you over the summer. Stay safe on the roads and have a great summer!