October 1, 2015

“You need urgent brake repair!” Panic sets in the sturdiest of hearts when the mechanic utters these words. You kick yourself mentally – So that’s what those weird car noises were warning me about all these weeks! Not an Oscar winning script, but we’ve all shed tears over this issue. Strangely, we all hear car noises at times, but knowing which ones to actually heed is a vital part of saving yourself from expensive brake repair later.

Car noises that suggest impending brake repair

a. Braking system indicator: Most modern car models come with an indicator in the braking system that emits a warning tone when the brake pads are worn out.

b. Harsh grinding: You can be certain that brake repair is imminent when you hear a grating sound whenever you apply the brakes. This means the brake pads are completely worn through.

c. Clunking sound while braking: When pushing the brakes leads to loud rhythmic thumping, it might be time for brake repair as it might mean that the braking system hardware might be missing parts.

d. Squealing brakes: Very movie-like, but this sound always signals there’s something amiss and you might need brake repair. It could indicate overheating of the brake pads or loose disc brake calipers.

e. Scraping sound from rear of the car: If while braking you hear a scraping sound at the rear, it could imply a problem with the brake drums, brake wheel cylinder or brake shoes. Chances are you will need brake repair before long.

If you are concerned about any noises and sounds your car is making come into the workshop for the team at Autoshop Greerton to inspect and get to the bottom of.