February 29, 2016

Michelin Tyres are the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. Founded in 1889 in the town of Clermont-Ferrand in France, by two brothers, the company now has 133,400 outlets world wide!

André Michelin and his brother Édouard ran a rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand and one day a cyclist pulled up at the factory with a tyre that needed repaired. Because the tyre was glued to the rim (as was normal in those days), it took over three hours to remove and repair it.

Édouard realises that this is a ridiculous situation and starts designing a pneumatic tyre that is detachable from the rim of the bicycle. Once designed and built, the Brothers give it to Charles Terront who wins the Paris–Brest–Paris race, the world’s first long distance cycle race in 1891, giving it a spectacular introduction to the public.

The following year, the brothers organise a race between the town and Paris, and scatter nails across the road, showing that a puncture in their tyres is no big deal. Then in 1895, the Michelin Brothers build and race The Éclair, which becomes the first automobile to use pneumatic tyres. Another landmark comes four years later in 1899 when the 100kph barrier is broken by Jamais Contende a car that runs on Michelin Tyres.

This was just the beginning of the Michelin Company. Over the next hundred years they light the way by constantly inventing new technologies, reinventing old ones and building a safer and more sustainable tyre. From motorbikes and Formula 1 cars to Jet Fighters and the Space Shuttle, Michelin tyres have been a by word for innovation and quality.

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