October 1, 2015

You might take your car to be serviced, but not actually know what they’re checking. You might also think you’re being ripped off if they don’t do something you think they should. Here’s what a full basic vehicle service should include, so you can actually tell what they’re doing, and if they’re not doing something.

  • An oil change, and an oil filter change
  • Check of the spark plugs if your vehicle uses petrol
  • Fuel filters, tyres, steering, and suspension leaks should all be checked
  • A safety check including all ball joints
  • Suspension springing check
  • Check that lights are in working condition
  • All your fluids should be checked to see they are at the correct level
  • The fan belts tension and condition should be checked
  • Anti-freeze strength
  • Seat-belts properly working
  • And wipers and washers should be checked to ensure they are working properly and in good condition

These are the areas that a car service should include. If your car is being serviced for anything additional, consult with the mechanic servicing your car. The team at Auto Stop Greerton can complete a regular vehicle service and if additional work is required they will talk you through what needs to be done step by step. Our mechanics will never undertake work without prior consultation and approval.