October 1, 2015

When was the last time you went for a car service? People tend not to have their vehicles looked at without something going wrong first, and we all know cars can cost a lot of money to repair. This is the wrong attitude to have, as maintaining your car can save you possibly thousands of dollars. Prevention is better than cure! If it’s been over 6 months, then here’s three reasons you should consider calling your mechanic.

A regular car service can keep you, your family and other road users safe. Having your car checked regularly can detect things such as faulty brakes and worn tyres, keeping you safer on the road and less like to cause an accident.

Nip it in the bud.
Prevention is better than cure. If your vehicle has a problem, then it’s obviously better to find it early and treat it. Leaving something until you have to deal with it is always more expensive, and it’s also dangerous. It’s going to have to get fixed at some point, so you might as well find these things early with a regular car service. Little things turn into big problems when left unattended, and in the end this will cost you more.

A higher re-sell value.
A vehicle that’s been for a regular car service is going to be in better condition when it comes time to sell it on. It will look better aesthetically, with no rust, dents or scratches. Under the hood is even more important, as the more check-ups and services a car has had, then the better off it will be. A well maintained vehicle shows the owner took good care of it, and it will be of a higher standard than other cars of similar make and model. In the long run, a regular car service will mean you end up getting more money than you normally would when it comes time to move on.