October 1, 2015

Every time a customer walks into an automotive workshop or service centre for car repair, they come in with a head full of questions. They have questions about costs, repairs, improvements, service and warranty. Here is the list of the top ten frequently asked questions from Autostop Greerton related to car repair:

1. Should the air conditioning be serviced during every regular car service? If you use the air conditioning regularly, it should be serviced during every car service. Otherwise just before onset of summer should be sufficient.

2. How often should I check the car for repairs? A car repair is a nightmare for a person, so they tend to look for a comforting answer. It all depends on whether your car is showing signs of trouble. If yes, take it to the nearest workshop.

3. Does the car need to be repaired only by the main dealer? Not necessarily. You can get a good and reliable local automotive workshop to do the repairs in a cost effective manner.

4. Is clutch failure also covered under warranty? Usually not, but some manufacturers do cover it.

5. Which is the best battery to use for my car? This is one of the most common questions because of the wide range of batteries available in the market today. Speak to your mechanic to get an idea or refer to your owner’s manual for the right battery specifications.

6. When is the cam belt due for a change? Often when they run into problems with the cam belt, they ask such questions. When getting your regular car service, as the mechanic to check the cam belt for wear and tear. Replace if necessary to avoid being stranded.

7. Should I use synthetic oils for the car? Oils and their types can be very confusing for the car owner. Today, most vehicle manufacturers recommend synthetic oils. Read the owner’s manual to find out which oil is recommended for your vehicle.

8. What are the labour costs for car repair? Everybody wants to know the costs before the service. Get a written quote from the repair workshop in advance. This will prevent nasty surprises later on. Don’t agree to additional repairs without getting a second opinion.

9. Do you have a comprehensive schedule for the car repair? They also need to have a timeline because of the labour costs involved in the repair.

10. What if I encounter the same problems after the car repair? If the repair does not work, take it back to the workshop. Most reliable and trustworthy workshops offer guarantee for their work and would be more than happy to take remedial measures.