October 1, 2015

When it comes to tyres, we can help you with anything you need, be it advice or mechanical issues. Check out some of the things to consider when choosing tyres.

When do I need new tyres?

Have a good look at your tyres. Are the treads wore down? The sidewalls cracked, or are the bulging or discoloured? Then it’s probably time for a new set. Even if they’re showing none of these signs, but are over 10 years old, then you should replace them, as rubber deteriorates when exposed to oxygen.

Make sure the problem is actually your tyres.

If one set of tyres is wearing our faster than the other, then check your vehicle for suspension or alignment problems. Check the inside or outside of the tyres to make sure the wear is evenly spread. Putting new tyres on a misaligned car is simply a waste of money. Bring it into us to check out first.

Buy a full set.

Your car’s mechanics are designed to work with a matching set of tyres. It’s tempting to just buy new tyres one by one as needed, but it’s not only more economical in the long run, but also safer to buy a matching full set.

Don’t forget the spare!

When buying new tyres, don’t forget about the spare hiding in your boot. Have your mechanic inspect it, and if necessary, replace it, ideally with the same brand you’ve got on the car at the moment.

Don’t forget to break them in.

New tyres need to be worn in a little to work at their most effective, so make sure you break your new tyres in. There’s still a residue left on the tyres from the manufacturing process, and this can possibly have less grip than expected. Break them in for the first 500 Kilometres or so before pushing them on hard corners, and expect longer braking distances just to be sure, especially in wet conditions.

Look after them!

By keeping your new tyres maintained, not only will they last longer, but will get you more kilometres per tank. Make sure you maintain the air pressure and you should rotate your tyres every time you change your oil, even if they don’t look like they need it!