October 1, 2015

When should you replace your tyres? This is a common question to the team at Mechanics Greerton from car owners. The performance of tyres is a critical factor that determines the efficiency, performance and safety of your car and their replacement depends on a few different factors.

Listed below are a few tips that will help you determine whether it’s time to replace your tyres.

  • Tyre treads help improve traction, especially on wet roads. Worn ones are no longer safe, especially if the tread is already about 1.6mm.
  • Check for the tread pattern. All tyres have tread wear bars, tiny bridges in between treads and when you see the bars starting to become level with the tread, it’s a sign that your tyres need replacement.
  • Pay attention to any sign of uneven tread wear. This might require tyre rotation, wheel misalignment, or even both. In the event of an irregular tread wear, your car must be brought in for servicing immediately.
  • Tyres must be replaced every 6 years with a maximum tyre life service being 10 years. Specific manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement can be found in your car’s manual or talk to the team at Mechanics Greerton.

If you are concerned about the wear of your tyres and think it may be time to have them replaced – pop into the workshop for specialist advice.